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VIDEO: Rachel Zysk discusses the President granting her petition for commutation of a federal sentence.

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VIDEO: Joshua and Sharyn Hakken showed up in court together, but the strength of their united front is now in question.

After losing custody of their two boys and sailing to Cuba with them, accused kidnappers Joshua and Sharyn Hakken are now facing several charges, including kidnapping, child neglect, burglary with battery and interference in child custody.

In the linked video, Tampa attorney Eddie Suarez, who is not part of Sharyn's defense team, discusses how her attorneys may try to persuade the jury her behavior was not criminal; but rather, a result of abuse.

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VIDEO: Eddie Suarez discusses the Trayvon Martin case with Russell Rhodes on Fox 13 News

Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American male, was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old male, on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman was the designated community watch coordinator for the gated community where the shooting took place.

The circumstances of Martin's death, the initial decision not to charge Zimmerman, and questions about Florida's Stand Your Ground law received national and international attention.

In the linked video, criminal defense attorney Eddie Suarez discusses the case with Russell Rhodes from Fox 13 News.

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VIDEO: Eddie Suarez weighs in on the Brendan Baker 'Stand Your Ground' case with Fox 13 News

Seth Browning, 23, an off-duty security guard, shot and killed Brandon Baker around 2:17 a.m. on March 6, 2012, according to Pinellas County sheriff's investigators.

In the linked video, criminal defense attorney Eddie Suarez is interviewed by Kristin Wright from Fox 13 News regarding the events of that night.

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VIDEO: Eddie Suarez interviewed on Fox 13 News regarding the Kendrick Morris Case

Kendrick Morris was found guilty in October 2010 of brutally attacking and raping a young woman at the Bloomingdale Library in 2008. Shortly after the verdict was read, blogs on the Internet were flooded with reaction but one post in particular drew attention. The post was made by an actual juror in the case and claimed that some of the jurors had outside information.

In the linked video, criminal defense attorney Eddie Suarez is interviewed by Tanya Arja from Fox 13 News regarding the significance of the blog post on the case.

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VIDEO: Eddie Suarez interviewed on ABC Action News regarding the Walker Middle School Case

Four teens were accused of raping a flag football teammate at a Walker Middle School campus locker room using a broom and hockey stick. The teens were arrested and have been charged as adults.

In the linked video, criminal defense attorney Eddie Suarez is interviewed by Elizabeth Dinh from ABC Action News regarding developments in the case against one of the teens.

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Pastor sentenced to 15 years' probation for molesting young relative years ago

Justin Peterson, a 34-year-old former youth pastor at River of Life Church in Lutz, pleaded guilty to the molestation of a female relative 17 years ago when he was babysitting the girl.

Assistant State Attorney Kimberly Hindman asked for 10 years in prison and defense attorney Eddie Suarez asked for probation. The presiding judge sentenced Peterson to 15 years of sex offender probation but allowed him to remain a pastor.

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VIDEO: Ed Suarez interviewed by Fox News on the case against Youssef Megahed

During a routine traffic stop of two University of South Florida engineering students for speeding, a Berkeley County sheriff's deputy discovered an array of explosive materials in the vehicle's trunk.

Criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Ed Suarez is interviewed by Fox News on what the defense attorneys need to deliver in their opening statement to the jury.

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Tampa dentist's murder trial goes to jury; an ABC Action News report 11/19/02 - updated 5:07 p.m.

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Dentist's lawyers put world renown expert, Henry Lee, on stand - an ABC Action News report 11/15/02

Tampa Bay

Ruling hurts Web sex case. Owners of the site and four female ''escorts'' linked to it are off the hook. By CHRISTOPHER GOFFARD, © St. Petersburg Times. Published January 11, 2003

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Victim, men leave rape case in past. Ten years after the trial, the sons of prominent Tampa families and a woman they were accused of raping have tried to move on. By CHRISTOPHER GOFFARD, © St. Petersburg Times. Published March 17, 2002

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Grief Gives Way To Compassion. By JOSHUA B. GOOD © Tampa Tribune, published July 25, 2002

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Flaws in Al-Arian suit raise doubts. Errors of fact and spelling, plus a reliance on confidential sources, may weaken the lawsuit against the professor. By GRAHAM BrINK. © St. Petersburg Times, published March 28, 2002